~ Our wish ~

  • This cafe is aimed at finding as many foster parents as possible for cats without their owner.

    The cats here are cats who take care of them carefully from the volunteer group until a new family is found.

    All the staff I am truly eager to take care of the cats everyday.

    If you can consider foster parents, please speak to the staff. Either consultation is fine.

    Also, those who do not wish for foster parents will also have a good time with the cats to prepare for cats who are here to welcome new families, to opportunities to find new families by getting used to people Will increase.

    This cafe is established due to the love of everyone who visits us.

    We will continue to devote ourselves to all of you so that we can have more and more affection, so please take care.

About transfer of cat -

  • The cats in this cafe will be the cats who are taking care of them from the volunteer group.

    If you would like to be a foster parent for cat, please speak to the staff.

    Basically all cats are required to keep cats, infertility castration surgery, virus examination, vaccination examination, etc. until entering the café, and the cost and the cost of this facility As a maintenance fee, you must be able to bear 5,000 yen per head for the next child.

    Those who can understand the condition here will contact the original parent volunteer group of cats from here.

    For volunteer organizations, we will contact you as a foster parent.

    The transfer conditions and the transfer costs will vary depending on the volunteer group and the individual. For details, please ask the direct volunteer group for your understanding.

~ Rules in the store ~

  • · The actions disliked by cats are forbidden.

    (It produces a big voice, forcibly holding)

    · Pets are not allowed to bring in with pets, cats for toys, toys, etc. once again.

    · You can freely shoot in-store shooting, but flash shooting is forbidden.

    · The inside of the store is no smoking.

    · Please judge entrance of cat allergies by self responsibility. We can not assume responsibility at our shop.

    · Please confirm other detailed rules at the store.

  • Inside the store
  • We handle various items for funeral.
  • Please come to heal at the end of work.

Operating company

  • Pet Ceremony Co., Ltd. Wake Bee

    Address 9-9-16 Tamura, Hiratsuka-shi, 254-0013

    TEL 0463-54-7900

    URL https://wavy-jpn.com/